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There are two main competitors which are considered to be “Full Suites” when it comes to tuning GM cars - they are EFI Live and HP Tuners. There are plenty of threads all over the place trying to address “which is best”. A good place to start is probably over at LS1tech.com

For EFI Live:

For HP Tuners:

HP Tuners sell three products

VCM Scanner - which is just for resetting codes and datalogging.

VCM Suite with either the the standard or “pro” interface. The “pro” interface has onboard datalogging (No Laptop required) and most importantly additional inputs to allow you to datalog an output from an external wideband lambda sensor - if you intend to make any fueling adjustments, a wideband is essential and therefore a way of feeding the wideband data into your datalogs. The “pro” interface gives you this ability.

I purchased the full VCM Suite which costs $649 + shipping. This equated to £450 (@1.60 fx) plus a further £28 DHL fees on arrival in the UK. So that’s £478 against £575 for EFI Live Flashscan V2 - both units come with sufficient licences to tune two different engines and transmissions.

From what I can tell, additional cars will be cheaper with EFI Live because they charge $99 for a VIN licence, which includes engine and transmission - whereas with HPT you will need 4 credits (at $49 each) to do the same thing.

UPDATE: HP Tuners have reduced the price of Gen 4 PCM’s. They now consume TWO credits - meaning its the same price as EFILive. You will need to contact HPT support to obtain the correct version that consumes two credits.