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This web site has been created  to document and share experience using HP Tuners to remap a Vauxhall VXR8, which is a 2008 model with an LS3 and 6L80e automatic transmission.

Whilst personally I’m a computer professional - I have an unhealthy interest in automatic transmissions. I spent a few years learning how to make a 700R4 live behind a turbocharged 5.7 chevy in a heavy 4x4  - which gave me an appreciation of what goes on inside a transmission and therefore the modifications detailed on this site are not going for the neck snapping, tyre chirping performance that some people desire - as its my opinion that you are just abusing the mechanics of the box. So the changes I’ve made give a dramatic improvement whilst not being abusive to the drivetrain.

Whilst mapping engines is nothing new, the knowledge for the 6L80e automatic transmission is still being built up. I hope to use this site to try and bring that information together.

This site is non-commercial therefore there is no fear of upsetting any particular vendor, tuning shop or manufacturer. Users of other tuning tools (EFI Live etc) are more than welcome!




This is not the website of HP Tuners LLC, nor is it endorsed or affiliated with them in any way. The website of HP Tuners LLC can be found at hptuners.com