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Transmission Fluid (ATF)

The Hydra-Matic 6L80 requires the use of DEXRON®-VI ATF. DEXRON®-VI significantly improves fluid viscosity, shift performance and fluid durability. GM tests have demonstrated that DEXRON®-VI delivers more than twice the durability and stability in friction tests compared to existing fluids. DEXRON®-VI has also demonstrated superior performance in pitting, foaming, oxidation and shear stability tests.

How to check the fluid level:

Bring the transmission fluid temperature between 86º– 122ºF (30º–50ºC). You can verify this using a scan tool, the driver information center, or the transmission gauge.

The level is correct when fluid drips from the hole. If a steady stream is present or no flow is present the fluid level is incorrect. Readjust the fluid level, and reinstall the fill plug and the level control plug.

You can add fluid through the dipstick hole or through the level control hole.