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Auto Shifts in Tap up Tap Down Mode

When the car is in full manual (Tap Up Tap Down - TUTD)  mode, if you don’t change up to the next gear in time - the engine will hit the rev limiter which feels like hitting a brick wall. In other words, its just like a manual gearbox - you HAVE to change gear.

I wanted the the gearbox to change up to the next gear if at max speed if I didn’t do anything. This means I can change gears manually, but have the option of just leaving it alone (and holding onto the steering wheel) safe in the knowledge that I will change on its own before hitting the rev limiter.

Here you can see that the upshift speeds are set to 512 (I.e. Never):

To change this, first find out the shift speeds for gears 2,3 & 4 at WOT in sport mode:

And paste that speed for all throttle positions into the TUTD mode:

So regardless of throttle position it will change from 1-2 at 39 KM/h.

You also need to apply the same speeds into the WOT table also:

Ref. tune1